Our Mission
LI Upholstery’s Philosophy...

To provide its customers with a professional service tailored to their requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering quality products, delivered on schedule at a competitive price.

Our mission is to continue to develop and manufacture products that meet the present and future requirements of our customers. To achieve this we will investigate all reasonable options and where appropriate, utilise new technology and design procedures.

Meet the Team

LI Upholstery has been structured to support projects of any scale; from 1 off items through to mass production; as such our facilities are geared to offer flexibility.

The Upholstery Manager, closely supported by his team is responsible for the planning, coordinating and control of all aspects of design and manufacturing.

LI Upholstery’s Design Team not only research and develop ideas for new products, they also work (with the customer) to improve the performance and efficiency of existing production items.

Our Quality Department plan and oversee the various material and manufacturing procedures to maintain the highest quality levels, ensuring that all aspects of work carried out are in full accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our Environmentally Friendly Approach

“We encourage our staff and our suppliers to do all that they reasonably and practically can to care for and safeguard the environment.”

We continually strive to be responsible with regard to the protection of the environment.

We are committed to complying with accepted environmental practices and our goal is to exceed all applicable legal and other requirements.

We aim to continually improve our environmental management system, to prevent pollution and to minimize the creation of waste.

We therefore manage our processes, our materials and our people in order that we may minimize the environmental impacts associated with our work.

Management continually monitor and review the implementation of this policy, its objectives and targets and endeavor to ensure a sustained programme of continuous improvement is always in place.